Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby Number 5!

On December 27, 2013 we welcomed our new little addition into the family, baby GIRL! number 5! Yes, baby is a girl although ALL signs pointed towards her being a boy! This pregnancy has been 150% different than all of my other pregnancies. For starters, the morning sickness was horrid! I've had morning sickness (that I thought was bad) with my last pregnancies but none of it compared to what I had with my little Beanie Baby here. I was sick to my stomach 24/7 and most of the time I was throwing up.... Throwing up so much that I about put a hole into my stomach and was throwing up a ton of blood every day (tmi right?!). I was sick my whole pregnancy! The last trimester I wasn't throwing up daily but sick to my stomach all day every day. That was one major thing that made think BOY! but I couldn't have been more wrong. Really, now that I think of it, I think that was the one main thing that was different... The other things could just be because I have several other kids at home and I'm just tired and forgetful as it is. My pregnancy was pretty uneventful this time around. No million trips to the hospital due to contractions, no thinning cervix, no real issues until the end. I started seeing the Maternal Fetal Medicine doc every 2 weeks at around 18 weeks until I was 28ish weeks pregnant, I was on progesterone injections that Chris gave to me weekly at 20 weeks until I was 36 weeks, like I said, pretty uneventful. On the night I hit 34 weeks, I started feeling really light headed, dizzy, having contractions and just feeling way "blah" and "not right". I called Chris and told him to come home, that I needed to go to the hospital and luckily he was already on his way home. When I got to the hospital they took my vitals and my blood pressure was a bit high, nothing too bad but enough to be concerned about. They checked me and I was a tight 1cm dilated but not effaced and baby was pretty high up still. Because of my high BP they checked my urine for proteins and sure enough that came back positive. There weren't a ton of proteins present but again enough to be a bit concerned with. Luckily my blood work didn't show any signs of pre-eclampsia. I was contracting every 3-5 minutes by now, the contractions were officially regular when they hadn't been even close to it beforehand. They tried to stop my contractions with nifedipine but the med didn't do a thing the stop the contractions and they said that I was in labor and at 34 weeks and a high bp and spilling proteins that it may be safer for both baby and I for her to be born and that they weren't going to stop the labor if I kept progressing. At this time I was 1.5cm, about 60% effaced and baby was at a -2 station so quite a change from the time before. About an hour-ish later they checked me again and I was a tight 2cm, 70% effaced and baby was still a -2 station. This is where I stayed although my contractions continued. They sent me home with a 24 hour urine catch to check for pre-eclampsia and that was pretty much it. (The urine came back that I had a mild case of pre-e) Although I was still contracting every 3-5 minutes I wasn't dilating anymore so they kind of just let me stay in that limbo which totally SUCKS but I knew it was best for baby! Christmas came and Christmas Eve I was baking TONS of cookies with the girls and decorating them and baking pies and crap. Basically on my feet for a few hours without a break (yeah I know, shame on me!)Christmas day was pretty much the same, on my feet all day cooking and cleaning up wrapping papers and trash and toys. That night I was having some painful contractions so I tried to keep them going because I was 36 weeks the next day and I got the ok to try anything to get baby out the day I hit 36 weeks! The contractions got less and less intense though and so I went to bed. Didn't really sleep a wink that night because I was so uncomfortable and the next day tried to take a nap (which failed). I got up out of bed and felt a leak and so I kind of hurried to the bathroom and right as I was sitting down my water completely broke. I called Chris in and told him to call my grandparents, call the hospital and tell them we are coming, and I got in the shower! That was about 1pm. We got to the hospital and walked for what seemed like forever and my contractions weren't picking up or dilating me any so they started me on pitocin to get everything going. They considered me in active labor and I was in labor for a little over 3 hours before about a push and a half at 2:50am delivered my 6lb 7oz, 18in baby girl! So after a long rambly post I'm excited to introduce my little MAKENNA MARIE!