Monday, September 3, 2012

Invitation Choices and Theme

This by far has been one of my hardest choices of the wedding. I had no idea the them I wanted let alone an invitation design, color, font, etc. I looked at hundreds (literally) of different wedding colors and themes and finally decided that I want the Winter theme. But I couldn't decide on my colors.... And the fact that my wedding was in Fall and not Winter, I didn't know if Winter was even a good idea! So I came up with the idea of "Fall into Winter"! My thought process on this is my wedding is in the Fall but it will be "falling" into Winter. At first I was thinking that I was going to do the ceremony in a Fall theme.... Totally Fall colors and leaves and then the reception was going to "fall" into Winter... It was going to be totally Winter themed. After thinking about this for awhile and playing around with colors I decided that was a bit too confusing for people to understand. I picked my favorite of the four colors I had chosen and decided the the "fall" part of my wedding will be snowflakes.... That's what they do, they fall. So my theme is now still "Fall into Winter" but it is based around snowflakes. After I had chosen the light blue and the snowflakes I googled, I Etsy searched and I found a design I finally loved.... It was a tree with snowflakes falling. Perfect! So here are the examples of my design (none of my info is on them [Except name and date}, these are purely the examples of which they created and are part of my "proofs") and the creator actually has their own url which is

We are so happy with the design and think they are perfect for my theme! My next post is going to be about my bouquet and flower choices! Although this will be done later as I have a fussy bug baby to deal with! Photobucket

Shoes and Clutch

These are the shoes and clutch that I have picked out to match my wedding dress. When I actually receive my wedding dress and have it in front of me and I know the true lace color, I am going to order the shoes and clutch because they will be custom made to match my gown. They are from an Etsy maker called tlccreationsuk. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do, I am very happy to share them with you!

My next post will be the invitations and theme that I have chosen for my wedding! Photobucket

My Wedding Dress!

I have been slacking on posting my wedding stuff.... I have picked out tons of things and have many ordered but I haven't shared any on here. I have one Facebook, but I have never blogged about them. So I am going to share everything we have so far. I am doing this in different blog posts so they can be found easily and classified and I can make sure I get everything, don't forget anything, and I can not have one HUGE post that jumps around from item to item, category to category, and to keep my own sanity!

My first post is going to be on my favorite thing of all.... My wedding dress! I have not ordered yet because I haven't gone and got my measurements done yet. Measurements are happening this week, ordering my dress hopefully next week. My dress is coming from a trusted (and used before) dress maker in China! Her name is Alice and I am so in love with her many different styles of dresses. She speaks very good English so we haven't had any communication problems and she even ships dresses to the US for free! All I have to do is pay her for the materials and her time. Materials in China are a lot cheaper than they are in the US so I am getting my dress at a fraction of the price that I would from having one made here. As I said, she is trusted and I have used her before! She makes dresses for weddings, proms, and other formals. It was already decided that whatever design my dress may be, SHE will be making it. Hands down! She is also amazing at getting measurements correct and if for some reason I was to get measured incorrectly or something is wrong, even on my part, I ship the dress back to her (which isn't that expensive) and she will fix it for free and pay to have it shipped back again to me. I looked at her dresses for hours, different designs on google, and actually fell in love with a dress that she already has already designed and has a sample made on her Etsy site. So here is my dream wedding dress, and I'm not paying a fortune for it!

In my next post I am going to show you the shoes and clutch I am planning on buying to match my dress. They are from a shop on Etsy and although I have never used them before they have amazing reviews. The shoes and the clutch together are actually more than my wedding dress! But, this is my one little splurges and I figured since I am save sooo much on my dress that I can get the shoes, the clutch, and the dress all at a price I could get a "cheap" wedding dress in the US! Photobucket

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Binder!

Ok I'm totally failing on the blog challenge so I'm going to stop at least until the wedding is over.... But fear not I still have to post about my wedding and babies and all sorts of other mommy crap! I took pictures of my (literally) 10lb. wedding binder and I'm posting them because this is one thing I can actually be proud of (besides my kiddos!). I found awesome budget worksheets and every paper and literally everything I need at

I labeled my binder with simple dividers and only needed one pack of eight. I bought several packs of protections sheets, one pack of business card holder pages, and a calendar insert. If you don't want to purchase a calendar insert you can print them free at:

The have tons of different colors too!








*Wedding Party

Then I labeled the vendors section with sticky note tabs on clear plastic protector sheets.

*Bride & Groom Attire







The pictures aren't in order.... I uploaded them in order but blogger decided where they thought they needed to go. SO the order is as I have listed above.

So as you can see this damn binder is really a 10lb binder! I have all of the wedding template sheets (there are 57) and I have been using photoshop to put together pictures of my dress and what not on one page so I don't use too much ink. I also have lined paper in each section to make notes. This thing is stuffed to the max! I'll write another blog on all of my other wedding choices as I go along but I hope that this helps some bride out there!