Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I can't even believe her!

We are staying with my grandparents... Well my dinner tonight was about half a cup of eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. I could only keep down a bowl of cereal this morning, I didn't even eat lunch. Well now that I'm feeling better I'm eating a bowl of cereal and she's actually telling me she's amazed I haven't gained 100lbs because I'm eating so much. UM HELLO! I eat once a day usually because I can't keep a damn thing down! She's acting like I eat all flippin day!

I brought up to her that I'm not even gaining weight, I don't eat hardly at all during the day, and even if I was that it was my body... Her response was, and I quote, "Well I have to look at it." (Talking about my body) I can't even believe she said that to me! How freakin low do you have to be to say that to your grand child?! If I said anything like that to her you know hell would break lose and she'd go on to tell me that I should be ashamed of myself... But it's ok if SHE says it. That hurt SO much! I can't even believe my own flesh and blood grandmother would say something that horrible to me.

Of course that upset me and I decided to stress eat 4 chocolate chip cookies... Yeah now I really look like a fat ass... AND I have my GD test at 10am. LOVELY! I'm probably going to fail it miserably now.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Update!

I had to go to L&D a few days ago because I was having a lot of pain in my cervix and contractions 3 minutes apart... They checked me out and said that the contractions weren't dilating me so it's probably just braxton hicks and an irritable uterus since this is my fourth baby. I did a follow up with my midwife on Tuesday and she said I was dilated to a 1 and about 30% effaced but wasn't worrying about it because you can dilate a little earlier with each pregnancy and it doesn't mean that I'm going to have her early. As a precaution she did up my contraction meds from 10mg every three hours to 20mg every four hours. Contractions have died down a ton which is good and I'm really hoping we can make it to 36 weeks.

Can't believe that I will be in the third trimester on Friday... HOME STRETCH! YAY!

I FINALLY took a belly pic today! It's the first one I've taken with this baby.

Friday, January 20, 2012

26 weeks and as of yesterday we are in the double digits!

Only 98 days to go until my due date! SO crazy how fast it's going! (But I think it's starting to slow down) And in only a week we will be in the third trimester, the home stretch! I'm definitely anxious to meet Maddy but I hope we make it to at least 36 weeks so I am more than happy to wait. We are signed up for Lamaze and are doing the full one day one on February 18th. Only 9-14 weeks to go until we meet our girl... It still hasn't really kicked in that there's an actual little human being in my stomach, sometimes when she's kicking up a storm I stop and think "Wow, there's a precious little girl in there!" Not sure why it's not fully sunk in but for some reason, it hasn't.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Appointment today!

Appointment with my midwife today (I know, these are happening all the time now!) and Maddy's heart rate was 144 which is awesome! FFN test came back negative (which is great!), cervical length u/s was a little upsetting. I went from 3.8cm to 3.1cm since Friday :( They aren't too worried about it yet though. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and I have to have my 1 hour glucose done! Midwife told me to expect a baby in 9 weeks, that she doesn't see me going past 35 weeks! She said that she thinks the baby will be really healthy and probably go home with me at 35 weeks... Chey was born at 35 weeks and went home with me and did great so I hope that's the case with Maddy Bug.

Friday, January 13, 2012

25 weeks!

Today I had an appointment with my midwife... Regular appointment... BP, baby's heartbeat, check my urine, etc. I also got my first progesterone shot today. She said it may help, it may not. We kind of missed our window to start which was between 16 to about 20 weeks. Hoping it still works but we shall see! She upped my Procardia dose to once every 3 hours instead of once every 6 hours. I have TWO appointments next week. Tuesday I will be getting my FFN, a cervical length u/s and have a regular OB appointment. Wednesday I have to go in just for the progesterone shot. We moved it up 2 days (which is totally fine) so that I only have to come in once a week from now on... So after my Wednesday shot I will move them to Tuesdays and go in once a week until my Maddy is born! My midwife pointed out that she could come in 10 weeks and be totally fine since I will be just about 36 weeks! THAT'S ONLY 2 AND A HALF MONTHS AWAY! Getting SO close! YAY!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Interesting call from my midwife today...

My midwife wants to start me on weekly progesterone shots to keep Maddy baking awhile longer... Yay another med to stop labor -_- So not what I was hoping but I'm still having contractions (about 8 an hour) despite being on a contraction med, so it's necessary. I'm praying we make it to at least 36 weeks... I can't deal with another pre-term baby again. Such a rough and emotional journey having a little one in the NICU. The fact that I'm still not dilating is AMAZING as I am having pretty regular contractions. I am so looking forward to our next milestones and I know soon, they will be here, and we will pass them!

Another stresser I have right now is baby clothes..... We are spending way too much on clothes and blankets I feel... But I can't seem to figure out how to lessen that price... I HATE Walmart clothes with a passion and we have actually gotten a few things from there. Our main buysing sources are Babies R Us an Carters.com (promo code for 20% off $40+ = WINTERJOY [ends Jan. 25th]) We are paying $265.25 for clothes and blankets... Seems so excessive to me. They are only newborn sizes too! WAY more than I thought I'd be paying or remember paying from the last babies... UGH! I'm really happy that we downsized the price of the crib set... We were going to pay over $400 for a 4 piece set from babybedding.com and then we found the one I previously blogged about for a lot less. Thank the Lord for that!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I think my "darling" husband is trying to get himself killed....

He is seriously driving me crazy..... I tell him not to put oranges in the fridge, he does it anyways (knowing it makes them harder to peel)... Last night I told him to please wash his hands since he just got done changing a poopy diaper and he is now putting our daughter in her highchair.... He goes ahead and opens her highchair, puts her in, closes the top and puts his germy hands all over her tray and then doesn't understand why I'm mad at him for doing that... Since I've been on bedrest he's been making dinner (with a bit of my help) and he doesn't read the directions AT ALL and then asks me how to make a box of pasta salad! He comes in with the box in his hand, "so when do I add the mayo?" "Read the directions Chris, what do they say?" "Oh ok I see." Are you kidding me?! REALLY?! I feel like he's just another kid lately. I tell him one thing, he does the opposite... He is literally driving me crazy. It's like he can't (or won't) do anything by himself... He has to ask me question after question after question about EVERYTHING... He's been getting the girls ready for bed because I'm on bedrest... "Should I have them brush their teeth?" "Should they use the potty before bed?" We get them ready for bed EVERY NIGHT at 7:30 sharp... He knows this we've done it forever! They get jammies on, brush their teeth, cuddle, use the bathroom, story and bed... They are in bed at 8pm every night. It's not like it's something we just started doing last week, we've always had them on this schedule and routine... At 7:30 he asks if he should start having them get ready for bed... Maybe I'm just being hormonal and emotional but I think I may kill him lol He is just another kid in the house and I think he needs more direction than all three of our girls!

On another note.... Sophie is just starting to get one of her top teeth and yesterday she told me all about it... I was holding her and sometimes she puts her mouth on my arm and just sucks for a second... Kind of weird but hey whatever helps her out. Last night she put her mouth on my arm/shoulder and I thought she was just going to suck a sec and let go like she always does.... NOPE! She BIT down SO dang hard that I screamed which scared her and she started crying... It hurt SO bad! She has two teeth on bottom and one on top... I bruised instantly! She ALMOST broke the skin... I was like OMG I can't believe she just bit me! Poor little girl must be aching from all those teeth coming in!


Tomorrow (or technically today) is a big milestone for EVERY pregnant woman..... We have hit viability!!!! Super excited! 24 weeks down, only 16 to go!!!!! And technically we are safe to deliver in 12-13 weeks!!!! OMG just about 3 months! Can't believe how fast time is flying.... Our next milestone is is the third trimester which my midwife told me is 27 weeks! (I know some say 28, some say 27, some say 27 and 3 or 4 days) After THAT milestone is 30 weeks. (Set by L&D... Who are on high alert for me because they say I'm a trouble maker with my 2 pre-term deliveries) After the 30 week milestone is 32 weeks (which is when I had Sophie)... Milestone after THAT is 35 weeks, when I had Chey.... Then after that we are in the home stretch, she could come anytime after... Gosh I still can't believe how close we are. Pretty soon I'll be in the third trimester and that seems SO close!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Got our car seat cover today!!!!!

We got Maddy Bug's car seat cover today and it is SO dang cute!!!!!!! We also got little covers for the straps (for when she's a bit bigger) and a cover for the Chicco pillow... We have the Chicco Keyfit 30 and had to rip open the box to put the cover on haha

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My appointment today!

Well I went in and Chris and I sat down with the midwife to discuss options of where to go from here... I'm still having about 4-6 contractions an hour, some painful, others just uncomfortable. She has talked to the specialist in the office and they say that progesterone won't really be of any help right now but they wanted to start me on a low dose of contraction meds (I believe generic Procardia) and see if that helps calm my uterus. If needed we will up the dose. Instead of weekly cervical length checks, we are doing bi-monthly checks and also the Fetal Fibro Nectin tests... When I get about 28 weeks depending on how everything is, I could be going in every week from then until the time the baby comes. I'm not going to start seeing the specialist directly but my midwife is going to consult with him before and after my appointments and get a good plan to keep Maddy Bug in and still have my favorite midwife! Oh and I'm on strict bedrest... Now I just have to sit, eat, and watch my weight creep up from no activity -_- Whatever keeps Maddy in though :)

Lexie starts pre school tomorrow and is SO excited... Chey is going to be starting again in about a week or so. They are going to be in different classes which I'm super happy about. I think there may be issues being in the same class as each other... Lexie is in the afternoon, Chey in the morning. We haven't told Chey yet because we don't know how soon she'll be in and I don't want her to get her hopes up on a day... We'll just tell her the day before. We took the girls to the school tonight so Lexie could see her new school and Chey was right at home. (She had gone before we moved but now we're back!) Can't wait for my girlies to make some friends and have a fun day playing with other kids and learning!

Monday, January 2, 2012

We've decided on a nursery theme!

We decided on this set and it just so happens the set is called "Madison" so we got a good feel of what it would look like with Madison letters on the wall and what not! The bedding set is 9 pieces... Crib comforter, crib bumper, 2 window valances, crib skirt, fitted sheet, diaper stacker, toy bag, and a decorative pillow. We will also be purchasing the clothes hamper, changing pad cover, mobile, floor rug, and matching baby blanket. The letters are out of stock but if they become available before she gets here we'll probably purchase those too. We decided against the window treatment panels, the three wall hanging decorations, the lamp shade, and the bordering wall paper.

Our First Trip to Labor and Delivery

So tonight I started having a lot of discharge and it was pink tinged... I called my midwife and she told me to go to the hospital to be checked out. I was having about 5 contractions an hour but I wasn't dilated. Maddy Bug is doing fine, jumping all over the place. I tested negative for the amniotic test so my water wasn't ruptured but the doctor did see a lot of watery pink tinged discharge. They also did a FFN test and that came back negative as well. I had a few done with my last pregnancy and they always came back negative and my water just broke anyways at 32 weeks so they are on "high alert" for me at the maternity ward and so is my midwife. I have to go in and see her this week and she's probably going to send me to a specialist once a week to get cervical length ultrasounds done until the baby is born. She's probably putting me on some contraction meds as well and I will most likely be seeing her every other week or every week until Maddy comes. The discharge has stopped thankfully and I'm so happy Maddy is ok!