Monday, September 19, 2011


Well every once in awhile I have these.... Nightmares... It's the only way I know how to describe them. Well this morning was one of those times. Now in the past when I've had one, I've always been alone in bed sleeping and it's always the same concept... Something (doll, demon, etc.) is chasing me. It's always something demonic and evil and as I try to get away, to make this thing go away I TRY to say "In Jesus' name go away!" except I can NEVER make out those words. I try over and over and over! When I FINALLY make out those words, I wake up!

Well this morning I had one of those dreams while my husband let me sleep in a little. I was in my husband's grandparents' house and a demonic looking woman was standing diagonal on the corner of the dresser screaming at me while I was holding my youngest daughter Sophie. It then jumped down and started running towards me trying to get Sophie. At this point my husband grabbed Sophie and ran out of the house, hoping that this would all stop. Nope, it told me it wanted the baby that I'm carrying and pinned me to the bed. At this point I started trying my best to say "In Jesus' name go away!" It wouldn't come out... Over and over without stopping I repeated this and I just couldn't speak these words. I could yell "HELP!" and other things but for the life of me could not make out these words. When I finally did make out the words, I woke up! I woke up screaming "Help!"

This brings me to a few months ago when I had a dream like this... Sophie was about a month and a half old and my husband was sleeping with Cheyanne because she wasn't feeling too well. Well that night Sophie slept in bed next to me and the dream I had made it so I will never put her in bed with me again. My dream was that Sophie was laying there sleeping and all of a sudden she sat up and in a demonic creepy voice said "Hi Mommy! I'm not really your baby, I'm here to kill you!" and started crawling towards me. During this time, her face completely twisted up, she looked evil. I picked her up and ran to the bathroom (remember this is all a nightmare!) and started smashing her down on the sink over and over until she exploded into a million pieces. Again during this dream I'm trying so hard to say "In Jesus' name go away!" but can't make it out. I finally am able to say it and I wake up! I thank GOD that my baby was still sleeping next to me, so peaceful and untouched. God forbid I actually hurt my baby because one of these dreams! I think God was really looking out for us at that time, putting his hands on my baby so I didn't end up hurting in my sleep. After that, Soph has NEVER slept in bed with me again.

These dreams are so demonic and evil... And they always seem to be at a time where I'm so in touch with God. It scares me to pieces and I don't even know what to do about it. I told my husband it happened again and he thinks I need to start sleeping with a rubber band because I'm always wearing my same clothes and maybe my subconscious will help remind me to snap the band to wake me up... I hope this works.

Besides that dream I've been having nightmares, well more like night terrors. I open my eyes and see things that aren't there (mainly spiders) and completely freak out and start screaming, my husband is trying to turn on a light and calm me down, thinking I'm dying or something... What's wrong with me?!

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