Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a night!

Well yesterday Sophie had her shots. A total of three in the thighs and man was she mad. She was doing fine until about midnight then she woke up with a fever. We gave her some tylenol and cuddled her for a bit and put her back to bed... Well she fell back asleep until about 1:30 and from then on she was pretty much up! Sleep for 10 minutes and then scream, sleep and scream all night long! I was exhausted! We even tried putting her in bed with us but nope that didn't help either. From no sleep and being 8 weeks pregnant I was also feeling REALLY sick to my stomach and Chris told me to take a nap around 1:15pm... Well Sophie was asleep in our room in her playpen and I walked in and she was turned away from me on her stomach playing with some PJ's of hers she pulled down off the side of her playpen. I yelled "Chris" and she jumped and started screaming! I have never seen her so startled! I picked her up and tried to comfort her but she wasn't having it. It was so sad, she was crying so hard she was sighing! Chris took her and she settled down and then I held her while he was making her bottle and as soon as she landed in my arms she started screaming again. So he took her back and I made the bottle and I went to give it to her, she looked at me and started crying again! I felt so bad, I didn't mean to scare my baby! I took a nap for about 45 minutes and Chris came in because he needed to go get his license renewed before they closed and now baby's sleeping, big kids are gone, and mama is all alone..... Now what to do?! ;)

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