Sunday, March 4, 2012

I just need to vent...

We are staying with my grandma because we are moving and our place isn't quite ready to be moved into yet. (It SHOULD be ready by March 20th) Well I'm seriously about to lose it with her. All she does all day long is whine, bitch, moan and complain... Literally ALL DAY LONG! She give my oldest daughter special treatment and just ignores my other girls. Chris was making some dinner and my oldest is picky as hell (she lived with her father for awhile (my ex husband) and she always got her way) and so she won't even touch what we've made. Well I'm not about to cook two separate meals just because she doesn't even want to try her food. I told her she can have a bowl of cereal but I want her to at least TRY the food. She refuses and so my grandma starts making her chicken nuggets and basically tells her it's ok not to listen to me! UM HELLO?! I'm her MOTHER! On top of that my 19 year old drug addicted sister got kicked out of my mom's in Texas and so she's here too, sleeping on the couch. It doesn't matter that she has drugs laying around for my kids to just grab up! She's always been coddled by my grandma, ALWAYS! (My grandma raised us) She takes a shower and leaves her clothes and towels and bath mat down and the floor is soaked and my grandma just sits there and cleans it for her. But she just loses it when I forgot ONE TIME to pick the bath mat up off of the floor! My grandma also does all of her laundry and cleans the bedding off the couch. And my sister is sleeping at like 9:30pm every night and we go to bed at 11, sometimes midnight. Well since my sister is sleeping (probably passed out drunk) and we have to be church mice, can't do a damn thing and God forbid my 14 month old wakes up in the middle of the night. All hell breaks lose! I couldn't even make a bowl of popcorn because it would wake my sister up! I can't believe that anyone could have a family like this. I feel bad for Chris having to be here at all, even HE wants to say something but doesn't want us to get kicked out. I would just straight call the cops on my sister for leaving drugs around but if I do that, we have no where to go. I don't even want to think of what I'll do if one of my kids find her drugs, I don't think a dozen people are going to be able to pull me off of her. I am just so fed up and so done with my family. Chris is SO helpful here, always asking if he can do anything to help anyone, he goes out and rakes the leaves and mowes the yard so they don't have to. He cleans like crazy... Everything! And my grandma is SO rude to him that I can't even believe it. She talks down to him all the time and is always telling him off. I can't wait to get out of here, into our own place and seriously cut off all ties. I have seriously never seen such a horrid family. We went and visited Chris's family and they are all so nice, loving, helpful, caring... A REAL family. Mine just embarrass me and I am so much better without ANY of them!

On top of everything, with all this stress, I'm having a TON more contractions and I'm seriously just kissing the hopes of a full term baby goodbye.

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