Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Alive! I Think Anyways...

You know the moms that you look at and say to yourself "I'm NEVER going to be like her!"? Come on, you know the ones. The ones who notice the little smear of baby poop on their sheets and are too tired to even worry about it so they just put a receiving blanket down (if that) and just fall on the bed.... The ones who just plop their boobs out to feed the baby in front of their grandfather because their modesty is so past gone by now... The ones who are so tired that they never leave the house because it's honestly too much effort and if the DO leave the house (BIG if!) they don't even remember to comb their hair let alone put makeup on. They may leave about $100 worth of merchandise in a sack still on the carousel thingy at Walmart because they honestly don't even remember to put it in the cart. Well.. That's me! That's what I have become! I swore to myself I would never become this way, I was "better" than that. Now I honestly don't know if I feel more like a 24 hour diner or an utter cow (get it, udder cow? haha yes I know, I've lost it) I don't know what day it is anymore as they all smush together, days and nights are totally mixed up. But I'm alive.... Barely.... I think. A life with 4 children under 5 is hard work! Especially when one of them has her days and nights mixed up and keeps me up all night until the sun comes up and the other children are awake not even 2 hours later. Things are hard, but I think they MAY be getting better (hopefully I don't jinx myself!) Maddy is an angel! She's smiling, coo'ing, she's totally in love with her mama! Such a mama's girl! ALWAYS wants to be in my arms. She's pretty colicy though but I think it's starting to go away. I will update more later but just wanted you to know that we are here, we're alive, and we are mostly happy! Here's a pic of our Maddy Bug!

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