Monday, October 10, 2011


Well a few nights after my last post I had a night terror of all night terrors. Sophie had woken up and was crying, she was in our room because we were visiting my grandparents for a few nights. Apparently that startled me awake and I woke up screaming bloody murder. Chris reached over to hold onto me and was screaming "Ashley, Ashley, wake up, it's ok, it's me!" All I head was my name and I honestly thought he was trying to kill me. He let me go to grab a flashlight he's been keeping by the bed and I bolted out the door, still screaming, to my grandparent's room. I ran into their room and started screaming "He's trying to kill me! Something's wrong with him!" My grandma runs out of the room to see what's wrong and out walks Chris with the baby. She asked what happened and he told her... That was a newsflash to me. I thought he grabbed me in my sleep and was trying to kill me! After that, I made an earlier appointment with my doctor and she prescribed me Ambien. I have been sleeping SO much better since then!

Oh and Sweet Pea is measuring right on track with my original due date of April 27th!

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