Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wedding Binder!

Ok I'm totally failing on the blog challenge so I'm going to stop at least until the wedding is over.... But fear not I still have to post about my wedding and babies and all sorts of other mommy crap! I took pictures of my (literally) 10lb. wedding binder and I'm posting them because this is one thing I can actually be proud of (besides my kiddos!). I found awesome budget worksheets and every paper and literally everything I need at

I labeled my binder with simple dividers and only needed one pack of eight. I bought several packs of protections sheets, one pack of business card holder pages, and a calendar insert. If you don't want to purchase a calendar insert you can print them free at:

The have tons of different colors too!








*Wedding Party

Then I labeled the vendors section with sticky note tabs on clear plastic protector sheets.

*Bride & Groom Attire







The pictures aren't in order.... I uploaded them in order but blogger decided where they thought they needed to go. SO the order is as I have listed above.

So as you can see this damn binder is really a 10lb binder! I have all of the wedding template sheets (there are 57) and I have been using photoshop to put together pictures of my dress and what not on one page so I don't use too much ink. I also have lined paper in each section to make notes. This thing is stuffed to the max! I'll write another blog on all of my other wedding choices as I go along but I hope that this helps some bride out there!


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