Monday, September 3, 2012

Invitation Choices and Theme

This by far has been one of my hardest choices of the wedding. I had no idea the them I wanted let alone an invitation design, color, font, etc. I looked at hundreds (literally) of different wedding colors and themes and finally decided that I want the Winter theme. But I couldn't decide on my colors.... And the fact that my wedding was in Fall and not Winter, I didn't know if Winter was even a good idea! So I came up with the idea of "Fall into Winter"! My thought process on this is my wedding is in the Fall but it will be "falling" into Winter. At first I was thinking that I was going to do the ceremony in a Fall theme.... Totally Fall colors and leaves and then the reception was going to "fall" into Winter... It was going to be totally Winter themed. After thinking about this for awhile and playing around with colors I decided that was a bit too confusing for people to understand. I picked my favorite of the four colors I had chosen and decided the the "fall" part of my wedding will be snowflakes.... That's what they do, they fall. So my theme is now still "Fall into Winter" but it is based around snowflakes. After I had chosen the light blue and the snowflakes I googled, I Etsy searched and I found a design I finally loved.... It was a tree with snowflakes falling. Perfect! So here are the examples of my design (none of my info is on them [Except name and date}, these are purely the examples of which they created and are part of my "proofs") and the creator actually has their own url which is

We are so happy with the design and think they are perfect for my theme! My next post is going to be about my bouquet and flower choices! Although this will be done later as I have a fussy bug baby to deal with! Photobucket

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