Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Houses!!!!!

Yes we did them.... We did NOT finish.... It was a complete and utter failure. We bought four different kits. A house, a town house, a mini village and a train. Chris and I decided to put them together and leave them around as little decorations. We did it while girls were sleeping because we know that would have been a mess. Well, I think it would have been LESS a mess with Cheyanne doing them! We suck at decorating! Like completely fail! I ended up getting mad at the dumb thing and just smushing candy into the roof and Chris... Well I told him JOKINGLY to smash it.... Well he did. Gingerbread flew EVERYWHERE! It's a huge mess... Candy icing, gingerbread everywhere... Fortunately he's cleaning it up while I relax. BIG MESS! Thank goodness we only opened one of the kits, the others will be going back to the store! I was tons of fun though, I laughed so hard throughout the whole process I about peed myself!

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