Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why Can't Things Go Right.... Just Once!

Well I wanted to clear a few things up from my last post and give an update... We are staying with friends right now and we consider ourselves and they consider us, roommates. We don't have a signed agreement or anything because right after we got here, with in a few days they left to visit relatives out of state. We were going to make a lease and sign it when they returned and thought nothing else of it.

Well here's the update... They bumped everything up as you know and today added some other things to the mix... Firstly they are having their mom and sister come back up with them and to stay for two weeks.and they are moving us (my husband, our two children [with a playpen and toddler bed] and myself) to the small room that my girls are currently sharing and barely fit it, while two adults share a HUGE bedroom. This is an issue because we'll be sleeping on an air mattress that has a small pinprick hole (hello! pregnant woman with a bad back!) and we won't have the bathroom that was connected to the room we were in... Another issue is that my girls barely fit in the room let alone a queen sized air mattress on top of that! And Soph still wakes up several times a night for a bottle (given her being a preemie and VERY petite even for her preemie age, doc wants us to keep giving her formula at night to help her grow) and I'm up about 4 times a night to use the bathroom myself.  On top of that, ALL  of our stuff is in there... All of it! The bathroom is full of baby bath toys and all of our bathroom stuff (which is quite a lot) and we need to take it all out for their family. I understand them wanting to have the family, "guests" have their own bathroom.. I really do. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I'm just completely shocked that none of this came up until now.

And here's the second "something" they are adding....... We have to pay their PAST BILLS from before we were even here! All of their bills are pat due and they want us to pay half! Plus we paid their whole cable and net bill last month. For it to stay on (and for my husband to be able to put job apps in) we'll probably have to pay the whole thing this month. Thankfully we can support our girls (barely, they need some new clothes and things because they are growing and we haven't been able to buy them yet).. But they have their necessities such as food, diapers for the baby, things like that... So they are taken care of for the most part but I'm worrying about the new baby... How are we going to get everything we need for her when we have more bills than we'd have in a place of our own??? I'm so stressed out right now I can't see straight. I started having contractions really bad and went to the hospital. Fortunately baby is ok and the contractions stopped but not before I had some "funneling" in my cervix. Apparently I'm dialated at the bottom of my cervix but it funnels closed at the top. 

I try my darnedest to be such a good person... I do the best I can, I'm a good mother, wife... I don't do anything bad.... Why can't things just go right for a change? Sorry for the vent... I'm just exhausted and frustrated and scared right now.

Oh almost forgot to add... Chey is staying at my grandma's while our roommate's relatives are in town because I have a feeling I'm not going to be in a great state of mind at this time and don't want her to see me this upset... Of course I'm going to see her every other day and she will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with her but I don't want her to see me this upset... And I'm very upset. I've been crying off and on all day and that is not good for her. She needs a good positive environment and I'm sure she'll love spending time with her grandma.


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