Friday, December 2, 2011

No, no, no, no, NO!

We're staying with friends as I've mentioned in previous posts... Well they just texted us (they are out of town for the holidays right now) and doubled what we're supposed to pay for everything a month... DOUBLED IT! We figured it out and we are going to put literally every last cent we get a month into everything. I'm freaking out! What do we do?! This wasn't the plan and this wasn't what we had all agreed upon when we moved in. We will probably just have enough for diapers for Sophie and some money for gas to make it to my appointments... That's it. How are we supposed to afford a thing for the new baby?! We only have a few things for the baby... Her crib stuff is on LAYAWAY! With doubling what we have to pay, we won't be able to get the stuff out of layaway and we lose most of the money we have down on it if not all of the money. If we don't pay the doubled amount, we have no where to go... I don't even know what to do right now.. I'm freaking out so bad that I can't even cry but boy do I want to.

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  1. That is NOT fair. Did you guys sign a lease type of thing. If they agreed on the amount that you would pay them (did you get it in writing), then they can't just up it whenever they feel like it. You have to be able to still provide for your family too. Not only getting things for your new LO, but also buying clothes, food, diapers, stuff for school--for your other children too. I would explain that to these people. Plus, I thought a lot of times you got stuck watching their kid? Or maybe I got that wrong, but regardless... that technically is illegal if you all wrote out the plan and everyone signed.

    And I really can't believe that once you get your DH back on track that you have another bout of bad luck... :( Life needs to be better for you, Busy Mama... Hope things start and continue to look up asap!