Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An update!

We are still at the hospital and we are here for the long haul, here until Maddy comes. We are trying to keep her in until at least 30 weeks, then it will be 32, then 34, then 36 and at 37 or 38 weeks we MIGHT be inducing. My contractions have completely stopped since I was on the mag for 24 hours and they gave me another pill to stop them. I'm still on Procardia, 20mg every 6 hours. I'm getting NSTs twice daily to make sure Maddy isn't stressed and suprisingly I've lost a pound since being here! Thought I would have gained with being in bed 24/7. I'm enrolled in "Bed Rest Bootcamp" and that gives me access to a laptop, board games, books, a daily massage, a daily 30 minute wheelchair ride, and a shower once a day haha They also have movies and I could learn to knit. Thinking about knitting Maddy a blanket.

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