Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just ugh...

That's how I feel. So sick and tired all the time... Nothing sounds appetizing and I'm hungry all the time it seems. All I want to do today is sleep and I can't do that. Had a wonderful day calling every dentist I could find hoping they take my insurance. After a few hours and actually scheduling Chey an appointment with my OLD pediatric dentist I found one fairly close to me which is nice because I live in a small town and didn't want to travel an hour to get to a dentist. Luckily they said they could get me in this Thursday! And they are happy I'm JUST in my second trimester because they don't work on patients in the first or third! So if I need something done (cavity filled, etc.) they have time to do it! YAY! Let's hope I can sit there an hour without wanting to puke all over the dentist now, that will be fun.

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