Friday, November 18, 2011

Just Done!

i am so done with everything right now. i completely broke down last night... told my husband i just done with it all and even him. i told him everything on my mind, i woke up today and theyre back at video games. he told me last night we would see if we could borrow the car to go to babies r us for the baby and he hasnt even asked. now theyre outside putting up lights because there wass a pause in the snow and then theyre probably going back to the damn video games. im stuck with my kids and our friends son in the houses and im not supposed to be running after kids. im just stressed out and done with it all. im trying my hardest to hold back tears but its near impossible. i am so upset with chris that i could scream. did i mention how left out i feel always having to be by myself??? they go to the store for a few hours every day while i sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing, they are all outside laughing and having a great time while im inside keeping kids out of stuff. i feel like my husband would rather i just not be around and that is not a good feeling. he doesnt even acknowledge me. i dont know how much more of this i can take.

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  1. I would seriously just push the children on both of them. If they are outside, bundle up the kids and send them outside. If they are going to the store, pack up the kids and they need to go with him too. And tell him if he doesn't start picking up his slack and then some, he's going to end up losing more than just you. And tell him his true colors are finally shining through, it's too bad that you didn't see them before a baby got involved. Stupid ass.