Friday, January 20, 2012

26 weeks and as of yesterday we are in the double digits!

Only 98 days to go until my due date! SO crazy how fast it's going! (But I think it's starting to slow down) And in only a week we will be in the third trimester, the home stretch! I'm definitely anxious to meet Maddy but I hope we make it to at least 36 weeks so I am more than happy to wait. We are signed up for Lamaze and are doing the full one day one on February 18th. Only 9-14 weeks to go until we meet our girl... It still hasn't really kicked in that there's an actual little human being in my stomach, sometimes when she's kicking up a storm I stop and think "Wow, there's a precious little girl in there!" Not sure why it's not fully sunk in but for some reason, it hasn't.

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