Friday, January 13, 2012

25 weeks!

Today I had an appointment with my midwife... Regular appointment... BP, baby's heartbeat, check my urine, etc. I also got my first progesterone shot today. She said it may help, it may not. We kind of missed our window to start which was between 16 to about 20 weeks. Hoping it still works but we shall see! She upped my Procardia dose to once every 3 hours instead of once every 6 hours. I have TWO appointments next week. Tuesday I will be getting my FFN, a cervical length u/s and have a regular OB appointment. Wednesday I have to go in just for the progesterone shot. We moved it up 2 days (which is totally fine) so that I only have to come in once a week from now on... So after my Wednesday shot I will move them to Tuesdays and go in once a week until my Maddy is born! My midwife pointed out that she could come in 10 weeks and be totally fine since I will be just about 36 weeks! THAT'S ONLY 2 AND A HALF MONTHS AWAY! Getting SO close! YAY!

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