Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I can't even believe her!

We are staying with my grandparents... Well my dinner tonight was about half a cup of eggs and 2 pieces of bacon. I could only keep down a bowl of cereal this morning, I didn't even eat lunch. Well now that I'm feeling better I'm eating a bowl of cereal and she's actually telling me she's amazed I haven't gained 100lbs because I'm eating so much. UM HELLO! I eat once a day usually because I can't keep a damn thing down! She's acting like I eat all flippin day!

I brought up to her that I'm not even gaining weight, I don't eat hardly at all during the day, and even if I was that it was my body... Her response was, and I quote, "Well I have to look at it." (Talking about my body) I can't even believe she said that to me! How freakin low do you have to be to say that to your grand child?! If I said anything like that to her you know hell would break lose and she'd go on to tell me that I should be ashamed of myself... But it's ok if SHE says it. That hurt SO much! I can't even believe my own flesh and blood grandmother would say something that horrible to me.

Of course that upset me and I decided to stress eat 4 chocolate chip cookies... Yeah now I really look like a fat ass... AND I have my GD test at 10am. LOVELY! I'm probably going to fail it miserably now.

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