Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My appointment today!

Well I went in and Chris and I sat down with the midwife to discuss options of where to go from here... I'm still having about 4-6 contractions an hour, some painful, others just uncomfortable. She has talked to the specialist in the office and they say that progesterone won't really be of any help right now but they wanted to start me on a low dose of contraction meds (I believe generic Procardia) and see if that helps calm my uterus. If needed we will up the dose. Instead of weekly cervical length checks, we are doing bi-monthly checks and also the Fetal Fibro Nectin tests... When I get about 28 weeks depending on how everything is, I could be going in every week from then until the time the baby comes. I'm not going to start seeing the specialist directly but my midwife is going to consult with him before and after my appointments and get a good plan to keep Maddy Bug in and still have my favorite midwife! Oh and I'm on strict bedrest... Now I just have to sit, eat, and watch my weight creep up from no activity -_- Whatever keeps Maddy in though :)

Lexie starts pre school tomorrow and is SO excited... Chey is going to be starting again in about a week or so. They are going to be in different classes which I'm super happy about. I think there may be issues being in the same class as each other... Lexie is in the afternoon, Chey in the morning. We haven't told Chey yet because we don't know how soon she'll be in and I don't want her to get her hopes up on a day... We'll just tell her the day before. We took the girls to the school tonight so Lexie could see her new school and Chey was right at home. (She had gone before we moved but now we're back!) Can't wait for my girlies to make some friends and have a fun day playing with other kids and learning!

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  1. Boo for pre-term labor and strict bedrest. Hopefully your DH is helping out alot so you can relax! I'm so glad that you weren't leaking and that your FFN was negative. I hope you can get very close or at full term with Miss Maddy!

    Yay for your girls getting to go back to school and loving school! That's so exciting, and a mental break for you for a little while at least.

    Also, I LOVE your nursery theme! It goes with the carseat so well. I can't wait to see it when it all comes together!