Friday, January 6, 2012

I think my "darling" husband is trying to get himself killed....

He is seriously driving me crazy..... I tell him not to put oranges in the fridge, he does it anyways (knowing it makes them harder to peel)... Last night I told him to please wash his hands since he just got done changing a poopy diaper and he is now putting our daughter in her highchair.... He goes ahead and opens her highchair, puts her in, closes the top and puts his germy hands all over her tray and then doesn't understand why I'm mad at him for doing that... Since I've been on bedrest he's been making dinner (with a bit of my help) and he doesn't read the directions AT ALL and then asks me how to make a box of pasta salad! He comes in with the box in his hand, "so when do I add the mayo?" "Read the directions Chris, what do they say?" "Oh ok I see." Are you kidding me?! REALLY?! I feel like he's just another kid lately. I tell him one thing, he does the opposite... He is literally driving me crazy. It's like he can't (or won't) do anything by himself... He has to ask me question after question after question about EVERYTHING... He's been getting the girls ready for bed because I'm on bedrest... "Should I have them brush their teeth?" "Should they use the potty before bed?" We get them ready for bed EVERY NIGHT at 7:30 sharp... He knows this we've done it forever! They get jammies on, brush their teeth, cuddle, use the bathroom, story and bed... They are in bed at 8pm every night. It's not like it's something we just started doing last week, we've always had them on this schedule and routine... At 7:30 he asks if he should start having them get ready for bed... Maybe I'm just being hormonal and emotional but I think I may kill him lol He is just another kid in the house and I think he needs more direction than all three of our girls!

On another note.... Sophie is just starting to get one of her top teeth and yesterday she told me all about it... I was holding her and sometimes she puts her mouth on my arm and just sucks for a second... Kind of weird but hey whatever helps her out. Last night she put her mouth on my arm/shoulder and I thought she was just going to suck a sec and let go like she always does.... NOPE! She BIT down SO dang hard that I screamed which scared her and she started crying... It hurt SO bad! She has two teeth on bottom and one on top... I bruised instantly! She ALMOST broke the skin... I was like OMG I can't believe she just bit me! Poor little girl must be aching from all those teeth coming in!

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