Friday, January 6, 2012


Tomorrow (or technically today) is a big milestone for EVERY pregnant woman..... We have hit viability!!!! Super excited! 24 weeks down, only 16 to go!!!!! And technically we are safe to deliver in 12-13 weeks!!!! OMG just about 3 months! Can't believe how fast time is flying.... Our next milestone is is the third trimester which my midwife told me is 27 weeks! (I know some say 28, some say 27, some say 27 and 3 or 4 days) After THAT milestone is 30 weeks. (Set by L&D... Who are on high alert for me because they say I'm a trouble maker with my 2 pre-term deliveries) After the 30 week milestone is 32 weeks (which is when I had Sophie)... Milestone after THAT is 35 weeks, when I had Chey.... Then after that we are in the home stretch, she could come anytime after... Gosh I still can't believe how close we are. Pretty soon I'll be in the third trimester and that seems SO close!

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  1. Yay for v-day!!!!! That's a huge milestone... keep taken it easy so you can surpass your other two and get to full term!