Monday, January 9, 2012

Interesting call from my midwife today...

My midwife wants to start me on weekly progesterone shots to keep Maddy baking awhile longer... Yay another med to stop labor -_- So not what I was hoping but I'm still having contractions (about 8 an hour) despite being on a contraction med, so it's necessary. I'm praying we make it to at least 36 weeks... I can't deal with another pre-term baby again. Such a rough and emotional journey having a little one in the NICU. The fact that I'm still not dilating is AMAZING as I am having pretty regular contractions. I am so looking forward to our next milestones and I know soon, they will be here, and we will pass them!

Another stresser I have right now is baby clothes..... We are spending way too much on clothes and blankets I feel... But I can't seem to figure out how to lessen that price... I HATE Walmart clothes with a passion and we have actually gotten a few things from there. Our main buysing sources are Babies R Us an (promo code for 20% off $40+ = WINTERJOY [ends Jan. 25th]) We are paying $265.25 for clothes and blankets... Seems so excessive to me. They are only newborn sizes too! WAY more than I thought I'd be paying or remember paying from the last babies... UGH! I'm really happy that we downsized the price of the crib set... We were going to pay over $400 for a 4 piece set from and then we found the one I previously blogged about for a lot less. Thank the Lord for that!

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